Backstreet Boys Try to Teach Chance the Rapper to Dance

Can Chance dance? That's what the Backstreet Boys wonder in their upcoming Super Bowl ad for Doritos alongside Chance the Rapper, with the rapper trying to copy their boy-band moves and failing miserably. "I think it's the pants?" Chance suggests to the boy band about his two left feet in a teaser...
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John Cena

Watch: John Cena Forms a One-Man Boy Band to Sell Vodka

We all know John Cena is a red blooded American, but now he is cashing in on that so-called "American Dream". He’s teaming up with SKYY Vodka to become a boy band and sell liquor. For America. Watch the clip below: This one goes out to my beautiful Lady Liberty, my torch only lights for you girl. #...
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