Do couples start looking more alike over time? New study puts long-held assumption to the test

Do people in relationships start to look alike after a long time together. A new study that probed this very question concluded that the long-held assumption may not hold muster. Read more on RADIO.COM.
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How Much Does It Cost To Cheat on Someone

In addition to potentially wrecking your life, having an affair can be expensive . . . nearly $450 a month, according to a recent study. Someone surveyed 2,600 people who'd been married for at least five years, and zeroed in on the ones who admitted they'd had an affair before. Here's a breakdown...
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Don't Try "The Koala Challenge" Unless You're in Really Good Shape

Something called "The Koala Challenge" is trending online, and it requires two people. But both of you need to be in pretty good shape to pull it off. Otherwise, you'll just ruin your back, break your neck, or both. Basically, one person just stands there while the other one climbs all over them,...
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The #1 Thing Women Want for Valentine's Day

If you think guys are the only ones looking to get lucky this Thursday, you are WRONG, my friend. A new survey asked women what they want to do on Valentine's Day, and the second most-popular answer was have SEX. 67% of women said they want their Valentine's Day plans to include a romantic dinner...
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39 Gifts for Your Significant Other (That Are Secretly for You, Too)

This list of gifts compiled by BuzzFeed consists of items that both people in a relationship can benefit from. Here are 10 of them (see full list at the link): A question per day journal with lines for both you and your SO (Amazon, $13). It's a fun exercise and might spark some interesting...
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Tinder Reveals "A Year in Swiping"

Tinder just released some end-of-the-year statistics, and they found that in 2018, the most popular time for swiping was 9:00 P.M. on Mondays. Here are a few more stats from the study... 1. The most popular months for Tinder were January and August. 2. The most popular time on an average day is 6:...
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Six Relationship Issues That Can Surface Around the Holidays

Here are six relationship issues that can pop up around the holidays . . . 1. Holiday spending. Especially if you're not honest about it, or you go way overbudget. Between presents, plane tickets, parties, and decorations, it's an expensive time of year. So make a budget together, and try to stick...
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5 Things to Watch Out for If You're Single & Bad at Texting

Dating in the digital age can be tough--especially if you consider yourself to be a bad at texting. With that in mind, Elite Daily has compiled a list of five things you should be wary of if you start texting a potential romantic interest. Here they are: 1. Texting too much. Show interest, but...
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Today is National Boyfriend Day

Today is National Boyfriend Day, and according to a new survey, when one out of six women in relationships found out about National Boyfriend Day, they were like "yeah, no, I'm not going to do anything for him." Out of the women who ARE going to celebrate, 24% plan to cook a nice dinner . . . 23%...
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10 Wedding Trends That Experts Hate

If you're planning a wedding, you may want to take a closer look at some of the trends that are fading out. According to INSIDER gathered intel from wedding planners and experts across the country and beyond to find out which trends they wouldn't mind seeing disappear forever. 1. Photobooths have...
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