Downtown Granite City has a new clown sculpture and it's... creepy

GRANITE CITY, Ill. (KNOU) - A clown face sculpture in Granite City is provoking different reactions from passersby. Some think the nearly 10-feet tall, styrofoam head is creepy, and others say it’s a reminder of fond circus memories. It's staring out across State Street at customers of the Granite...
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Creepy Pics: Mysterious, Terrifying Dolls Invade Festus

FESTUS, Mo. (NOW) - They're being found at busy intersections, near homes and outside of a bowling ally in a Missouri town just south of St. Louis. Odd child-size dolls without faces and sometimes without heads are being placed around Festus, Mo. The photos are being popularized and shared on the...
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VIDEO: Thousands Of Spiders Appear To Be Falling From The Sky In Brazil!

This is what NIGHTMARES are made of! Video of Thousands Of Spiders Appear To 'Rain From The Sky' In Brazil - 2019
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