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New Dating App for Cat Lovers Will Launch on International Cat Day

Launching on International Cat Day (August 8), the new dating app made for cat people called Tabby is connecting cat lovers and owners over their common love for felines.
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Instagram phasing out 'likes,' Facebook launches dating app

(KNOU) — In news you may or may not "Like," Bloomberg reports that Instagram is testing getting rid of the number of “Likes” on users' posts. "Later this week, we’re running a test in Canada that removes the total number of 'Likes' on photos and video views," Facebook, which owns Instagram, said in...
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Which state is most dangerous for online dating? 

(KNOU) — If you're looking for love online, you may want to start looking for a new beau in one of the New England states. For the second year in a row, Vermont is ranked the safest place for online dating, according to . Stats on internet crimes, STDs and sex/HIV education...
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Tinder's "Places" New Feature

Tinder is testing a new feature that will figure out the places you like to go and match you up with other people who go to the same places. And if it's popular, it should roll out to everyone soon. It’s powered through Foursquare, which has already done all the hard work of mapping venues and...
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Let A Stranger Choose Your Dating App Picture

Here's a weird tip that could get you more dates. If you're doing online dating, let a complete STRANGER choose your profile pic. A recent study found there's a good chance they'll do a better job of it than you, and choose a more attractive photo. Researchers in Australia did an experiment with...
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