National Cheap Flight Day: how to get the best deals on airfare

(KNOU) — Cheap Flight Day is Friday, Aug. 23, however, despite the name, today is not necessarily the best day to score a cheap flight, according to CNBC . “The bad news is that there’s not any single cheapest day of the year to book flights, but the good news is that right now we’re living in the...
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Problems with this year's Amazon Prime Days

ST. LOUIS (KNOU) - Amazon Prime Day has consumers celebrating extra this year by extending the discounted sales to an entire 48 hours. The sales are being offered on Amazon Prime from July 15th-July 16th and have a vast variety of products offered at more affordable prices for a limited time. While...
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It's National Doughnut Day and here's where you can get free doughnuts

ST. LOUIS (NOW) - It's National Doughnut Day! There are a lot of freebies, discounts and deals on doughnuts and doughnut-themed stuff all day on Friday and some that stretch into the weekend. Enjoy! Krispy Kreme : Krispy Kreme is giving away one million donuts; one free donut per customer. Strange...
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tax day april 15 circled on calendar

Free massages, deals on food, drinks, more Tax-Day deals in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS (KNOU) — Filing taxes can be stressful, but one way to unwind is to cash in on some major deals on Tax Day. Several businesses around the country are rewarding taxpayers with free treats, discounted meals and even free massages. Planet Fitness: free massages for members and non-members,...
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St. Louis Arch

It's 314 Day! Lets celebrate St. Louis & eat some $3.14 pizza

Today is National Pi Day. But locally we celebrate 314 Day, in honor of St. Louis' area code. Since it's March 14, or 3/14, which is the mathematical ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter (3.14159...), there's always a lot of great deals on pizza pie to take advantage of, check out the...
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St. Louis Cardinals Offer $5 Tickets!

To kick off baseball season and the beginning of Spring Training, a 12-hour ticket flash sale will take place Tuesday with the St. Louis Cardinals. You can purchase any Monday thru Thursday tickets (excluding Opening Day) for just $5, with $5 of Cards Cash pre-loaded to each ticket. Up to 8 of...
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Hooters Is Offering Free Wings to Single People on Valentine's Day

Hooters may not be your go-to place for hot wings, but getting a free meal and forgetting about your ex can't hurt. According to Thrillist, the restaurant is offering "singles" on February 14, to partake in its annual "Shred Your Ex" event. Buy 10 wings, rip up a photo of your ex, and you're going...
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Black Friday

9 Tips for How to Get the Most Out of Black Friday

Ready to wake up at the crack of dawn on Friday to take advantage of some screaming Black Friday deals? Don't bother, writes The New York Times in its rundown of how to get the most out of Black Friday (click the second link for the best Black Friday deals the newspaper has identified to date):...
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7 Things to Scoop Up During Labor Day Sales and Two Things to Avoid

If you're out shopping this weekend! Here's what to buy and what to avoid! 1. BUY: Apparel To make room for their fall and winter inventory, companies will often put up huge discounts on summery clothes, back-to-school essentials and anything that's been in stores for two months or longer, Sara...
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Chicken Nuggets

Chick-fil-A Now Serving 30-Piece Chicken Nuggets, Giving 8-Piece Nugs Away

Chick-fil-A announced Wednesday that it's adding a 30-piece chicken nugget option to its menu! As Extra Crispy writes, "That makes it a decent shareable option, if you’re too weak to shove all 30 of those down your greedy little gullet." (If you really want to go for it, McDonald's has a 50-piece...
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