Shailene Woodley

Shailene Woodley Shares Her Insane Diet When Making "Adrift"

How adrift would you feel if you were subsisting on next-to-no food? In an interview this week , Shailene Woodley revealed that she was consuming just 350 calories a day toward the end of shooting her latest movie, Adrift. "For the last two weeks I had a can of salmon, some steamed broccoli and two...
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Imagine Dragons

Imagine Dragons' Dan Reynolds' Strict Touring Regimen

Imagine Dragons, lead singer Dan Reynolds takes touring serious. He often wears a "VOCAL SILENCE" sign on his days off, but he's not trying to be aloof. Speaking to the Washington Post , Reynolds says that playing "two-hour shows that many days a week is just [too] intense" to not take voice breaks...
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