Lush's New Valentine's Day Bath Bomb Is An Eggplant Emoji

Before the iPhone, the eggplant was probably the most underrated vegetable. In 2019, it means so much more. Lush Cosmetics is cashing in on this trend and this Valentine's Day will be less about love and more about lust. The beloved bath brand took inspiration from what they describe as "the...
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Emoji Contenders for 2019 Include Mixed-Race Couples, a Sloth, and Wheelchairs

Unicode Consortium, which handles the standards of emoji, released the draft of candidates for Emoji 12.0 on October 23. If approved, some newbies may include a sloth, a kite, mix-race couples, mate -- also known as chimarrão -- a flamingo and a white heart. Final decisions about the emoji list...
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