Watch groom fall off boat during marriage proposal fail

The groom may have gotten his “yes,” but this marriage proposal took a turn for the worst when he fell from his perch into the water. See the post.
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Watch: A Best Man Face Plants During the Wedding Ceremony

A best man fainted, and then face planted during an outdoor wedding ceremony in Snohomish, Washington, which is north of Seattle. He hits the pavement really hard and may have knocked out some teeth. It's not clear how long he was unconscious, but he does get back on his feet. It also looks like he...
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Colorado Buffaloes

Viral Video: Mascot Shoots Himself With T-Shirt Rocket

We would never wish this on Fredbird or Louie... but it is still pretty funny to watch. Check out this footage posted on Twitter shows the Colorado Buffaloes mascot, Chip the Buffalo, shooting himself in the groin with a t-shirt cannon after accidentally facing it towards him instead of the crowd...
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