Foods that you'll eat after dropping on the floor

(KNOU) - Buzzfeed ran a survey asking people which foods they will and won't eat after they drop them on the floor. Here are some of the highlights... 1. A cookie . . . 95% will eat it if they drop it on the floor. 2. A Reese's Peanut Butter Cup . . . 77% will eat it if they drop it. 3. French...
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Here's Why You Crave Certain Foods When You're Hung Over

If you're hung over from football yesterday, this is why you're probably craving salty, fatty foods today . . . Alcohol does a number on your body and makes you dehydrated. But it also depletes your body of other things. Here are three things you crave when you're hung over, and why your body wants...
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What Your Favorite Food Emoji Says About You

Next to the crying laugh emoji or poop emoji....what does your favorite food emoji say about you? Let's dig in and see! Thanks to Delish, each food emoji is paired with a personality description. Spaghetti emoji - A spaghetti user is a homebody, an old soul, a real friend. She's not the first to...
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