Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean’s 18-Year-Old Brother Ryan Breaux Killed in Car Crash: Report

Frank Ocean’s younger brother and his classmate died early Sunday after a car they were riding in crashed into a tree and went up in flames. Both Ryan Breaux and Ezekial Bishop were pronounced dead at the scene.
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Halsey's Frank Ocean "Solo" Cover

Halsey gave her fans a cover of a song that means something special to her — "Solo" by Frank Ocean. She tweeted about it and left off by saying "See you soon," which leads fans to believe that a new album is closer than we think! its moments like these i yearn for the comfortable chaos of the stage...
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Frank Ocean walks onstage at Inaugural Secret Genius Awards

Frank Ocean Finally Shares His Highly-Requested Fashion and Skincare Tips

In a new interview with GQ, Frank revealed another level of expertise that has nothing to do with his musical genius: skincare.
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Artist Frank Ocean performs during the 2014 Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival

Frank Ocean Teases Music on Newly Public Instagram

It looks like Frank may have just teased new music on his newly public Instagram.
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Troye Sivan

Troye Sivan’s Life Playlist Includes Amy Winehouse, Michael Jackson, and Frank Ocean

Troye Sivan is unpacking his pop roots and inspirations in a new video for Teen Vogue .
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