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Unhappy Kid at Halloween

Jimmy Kimmel Told Parents to Eat Their Kids’ Halloween Candy (Again)

For the eighth year in a row, Jimmy Kimmel convinced parents to film their kids while telling them they ate all of their Halloween candy. In this year’s edition of the segment, there was a mix of kids that believed--and didn’t believe--that their parents betrayed them. Highlights included one...
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wine opener

Watch: Wine Opener Rides Rollercoaster

A guy held his wine opener in front of a video of a rollercoaster ride, and then he manipulated the corkscrew part so the levers looked like a person's arms going up and down with the turns and drops of the coaster. MR. BOTTLE-OPENER RIDES A ROLLERCOASTER — sam fletcher...
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Must Watch: Miss Mary Truly Knows How To 'Work It'

She can even flip it and reverse it!
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fake teeth

Viral Video: EBay Teeth Get Stuck in Girl's Mouth

A young woman bought teeth off Ebay, and the dentures ended up getting stuck to her gums...and it just went down hill from there. Her sister posted the video on Facebook with the caption, "So today my sister thought she would try out her new ebay teeth this will teach her ---- it’s been a while...
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