Women left alone waiting for her date.

Second Date Update Hannah and Derrick: Restrained From Love

One of our listeners got DITCHED at the beginning of a dinner date and sat ALONE for 25 minutes before she realized her date was not coming back. Now she wants an explanation from the guy… and we have him on the phone!
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2nd Date Update: Brad and Tracy Jurassic Bar

New inventions and ideas are being created every single day and one our listeners on the phone is no exception. He has a unique business idea and it might be the reason that he’s not getting a second date.
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Phone Tap: Coldplay is for BedWetters

One of our listeners in high school asked us to Phone Tap his dad so, Jubal is calling as a “concerned school administrator” to let him know that they found some ultra-disturbing images in his son’s locker.
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boss or manager looks out the window

Phone Tap: Maintain the Edge

Coming up next, Jubal gets to play out his dream of being the big boss of a company! He Phone Taps a new hire and gets him inspired about the new job…or maybe ready to quit.
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Writing with a pen.

Phone Tap: Pen In Da Butt

Today’s Phone Tap victim is the odds-on favorite for the MOST GULLIBLE person we’ve ever called! Put down the drumstick and make sure you don’t miss this Phone Tap!
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Mechanic working in auto repair garage

Phone Tap: I Don't Speak Car

Up next in your Phone Tap, Jubal calls a woman who recently dropped off her car at the shop and she clearly doesn't know a thing about how cars work. In fact, she's willing to believe pretty much anything Jubal says about her vehicle.
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2nd Date Update: Jake and Melanie How Much do you Make

One of our listeners recently moved to the states from overseas and hasn’t been very lucky with dating American women. He’s not quite sure what he’s doing wrong. But when we call one of his dates who blew him off, the problem becomes very clear.
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Phone Tap: New Guy and the Stolen Copier

Today’s Phone Tap victim just started working a new job. As the new guy, he might need some help navigating things at the office. But, since it’s Jubal assisting, how much help could he actually be?
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Second Date Update: Amy and Bryce High Fivin

The woman in today’s Second Date Update considers herself a “guys’ girl.” She knows her way around a car, but can she navigate her way to a Second Date? We’ll find out NEXT!
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Young happy couple arrived to hotel room on honeymoon

Phone Tap: This Hotel is Messed Up

Hotels usually take care of everything you need so you can relax on vacation: clean sheets, clean towels, a quiet space to rest. That is, unless you’re booking a room at Jubal’s hotel. Don’t miss the Phone Tap next!
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