Newborn Endangered Wolf Pup is Named After Blues' Victory Song

EUREKA, Mo. (AP) - An endangered wolf pup born at a preservation center near St. Louis has been named in honor of the St. Louis Blues' Stanley Cup victory. They named her Gloria because the nearly 8-week-old American red wolf is rare and worthy of celebration. Related: Warm Springs Ranch welcomes...
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LOOK: Foal born on Missouri farm after Game 7 buzzer named 'Gloria'

BOONVILLE, Mo. (KNOU) — Warm Springs Ranch outside of Columbia, Missouri celebrated Wednesday night like many of us, but for a different reason. A Clydesdale on the farm gave birth to a foal moments after the St. Louis Blues won the Stanley Cup. "Last night was also a very big night for us! Just...
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St. Louis Blues

St. Louis Blues snatch 2019 Stanley Cup

BOSTON (KNOU) — After a riveting 60-minutes of hockey, our St. Louis Blues have earned the right to hoist the Stanley Cup over their heads tonight. Now ... PLAY GLORIA! © 2019 KNOU (Entercom). All rights reserved.
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Boston Tries to Bash St. Louis For Singing Random Songs Just They Like Do

(NOW) - This 2018-19 Season has been a rollercoaster of emotions all year long, with so many highlights and some interesting music choices that have now become popular for the Midwest. "Gloria" comes to mind more times than not when you really think about it. But there is one other song too, John...
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