Miller Offering Free Low-Alcohol Beer to Those Participating in 'Dry-ish January'

Miller wants to help you with your “Dry January” goals! Instead of swearing off alcohol completely in the month of January, Miller64 is encouraging a happy medium with its “Dry-ish January” campaign. “Dry-ish January is a month-long phenomenon that allows you to put your own spin on the Dry January...
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NASA lights

PHOTOS: Holiday Light Displays Are Brightening The Night Across The Globe

(NOW) - New stunning images from NASA show how holiday lights brighten the nights of cities all over the globe. NASA researchers found that nighttime lights in the United States shine 20 to 50 percent brighter in December due to holiday light displays and other activities during Christmas and New...
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Girl Scouts Remind Parents Young Girls Don’t Owe Anyone Hugs This Holiday Season

The Girl Scouts of America have a message for parents this holiday season: don’t make daughters show affection to family members if they don’t want to. The organization shared the reminder on Twitter writing “Forced affection = Not O.K” alongside a link to their article titled, “Reminder: She Doesn...
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Let's taco 'bout National Taco Day: Places to get deals on your tasty tacos

ST. LOUIS (KNOU) - Today is National Taco Day and there's plenty of deals for you to sink your teeth into. Taco Bell Video of National Taco Day: Glen And The Magic Taco | Taco Bell Taco Bell is offering a $5 gift box Friday, Oct. 4 only, which contains two Crunchy Tacos and two Nacho Cheese Doritos...
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Pucker up... Today's  Kiss Day!

(KNOU) - If you've been in a smooching mood, today's the perfect excuse to pucker up to that special person in your life because it's Kiss Day. Related: Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Show How They Really Kiss Whether you kiss like a Camila and Shawn (we really hope you don't), kiss yourself in...
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Coca-Cola Announces Cinnamon Coke and Cranberry Sprite Sodas Coming Soon

(NOW) - As the annual deluge of pumpkin spice-flavored coffee , snack cakes, cookies and candy bars begins flooding stores, Coca-Cola has announced the release of two holiday versions of classic Coke-brand sodas coming soon to the U.S. Cinnamon Coke plans to debut Coca-Cola Cinnamon and Sprite...
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Dad Spends Holiday in the Sky with Daughter During Work

She's a flight attendant, so he bought a ticket on everyone of her flights, all day.
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How to Bounce Back From Food Coma, Hangover & Holiday Stress

We're in the home stretch of the holiday season, and if you're starting to feel burned out, you'll want to hear this list of tips on how to deal with all the food, booze, and stress of the holidays. 1. Eating too much sugar. One day of inhaling sweets isn't going to hurt too much. It's gorging on...
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Beautiful holdiay decorated room with Christmas tree with presents under it

When Do You Take Your Christmas Tree Down?

Christmastime is a joyous and special time of year, but it can also be a bit of problem for folks wrestling between keeping their homes tidy and getting every last bit of holiday spirit.
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Christmas Santa Guy With a Baseball Bat

Christmas-Themed "Rage Rooms" Are Now a Thing

“Rudolph’s Rage Room" lets you take out all your stress on a Christmas tree
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