Leap year 2020: Major holidays are on Friday's, Saturday's this year

ST. LOUIS (KNOU) - If you take a look ahead at the holiday calendar in 2020, you'll see a lot of big days for celebrating that fall on the weekend. This year is a leap year, which means February will be 29 days instead of 28 and 366 days as opposed to 365. That extra 24 hours has pushed holidays...
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Family Finds Owl Hiding In Their Christmas Tree

A Georgia family received an early Christmas surprise one night as they were finishing dinner. Katie McBride Newman heard her daughter India exclaim “Oh my gosh!” from the living room, before bursting into tears. As Newman is a big fan of owls, her tree is adorned with them. India told her mother...
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When to Get the Best Deal on a Christmas Tree

Can you believe Christmas is just ONE MONTH AWAY?! Did you get your tree yet? Usually, it pays to be early, but in this case, getting your tree on the later side will save you big bucks. You might think that Black Friday would be a great time to pick up your evergreen, but it's actually when you'll...
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Saint Louis Winterfest 2019

A favorite St. Louis winter tradition for all ages, the fourth annual Winterfest, presented by Bank of America and World Wide Technologies returns to Kiener Plaza and features a community ice rink, a Winter Market shopping district, reserved Igloo seating with Sugarfire table service and more...
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Ho-Ho-Hold up, there's only 100 Days until Christmas?

ST. LOUIS (KNOU) - The countdown to Christmas is on with only 100 days left until Santa Claus comes to town. It’s -- --/ --_/|| _/¯ ¯\_ 100 Days -- \ -- || \_-- _/¯ ¯\_ Until -- --/ --_/|| _/¯ ¯\_ Christmas -- --/||\_-- _/¯ ¯\_ — Brett S. Vergara (@BrettSVergara) September 16, 2019 That means it's...
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Drunk History Presents Fascinating Moments in Presidential History

From Teddy Roosevelt reimagining football to Edith Wilson covertly taking over for her husband to Nixon meeting Elvis, U.S. presidential history is full of strange tales. Video of Fascinating Moments in Presidential History - Drunk History In honor of today being Presidents' Day, please enjoy this...
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VIDEO: Lil Jon Teamed Up With The Kool-Aid Man To Make A Christmas Video

Yep...this actually happened. Enjoy this little holiday treat from Lil Jon and the Kool-Aid-Man. Video of Lil Jon featuring Kool-Aid Man - All I Really Want For Christmas (Official Music Video)
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Six Relationship Issues That Can Surface Around the Holidays

Here are six relationship issues that can pop up around the holidays . . . 1. Holiday spending. Especially if you're not honest about it, or you go way overbudget. Between presents, plane tickets, parties, and decorations, it's an expensive time of year. So make a budget together, and try to stick...
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Bikes for Tykes 2019

EVENT UPDATE: Due to the impending weather and the safety of our listners and volunteers, Bikes for Tykes will be collecting donations until approximately 2pm today. If you planned to come see us, please come early! KMOX, Y98, NOW963, 97.1 FM Talk and St. Louis’ Official Christmas Station, 102.5...
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Spaghetti Inspired By The Movie 'ELF' Served Up At Chicago Restaurant

Doesn't sound too appetizing to me, but if you're Buddy The Elf or into copious amounts of sugar this may be the holiday meal just for you! Video of Elf Spaghetti homage on Loop restaurant menu
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