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Hailey Baldwin

Look: Hailey Baldwin Shares Pic of Blinged-Out "Bieber" Diamond Necklace

Hailey Baldwin--sorry, that's Mrs. Hailey Bieber now--is showing off her new surname with help from a blinged-out bauble. ET reports that this past weekend, the 22-year-old model shared pics on her Instagram Story that show her sporting a "Bieber" nameplate necklace decked out in diamonds. She also...
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Channing Tatum, Jessie J

Channing Tatum & Jessie J Are Dating

Channing Tatum and Jessie J are reportedly dating. E! News reports that the 38-year-old Magic Mike star and 30-year-old British singer were recently spotted together at Henry's Tavern in Seattle. "They didn't kiss or have much PDA in person, but it definitely looked like they were a couple," an...
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Adam Wells

Wells Adams Reveals He's Moving in With Sarah Hyland

Former Bachelorette suitor Wells Adams only has eyes for Modern Family star Sarah Hyland. On Friday, Wells revealed that the two are taking the next step in their relationship by moving in together in L.A. "Should I just say it? Should I not? It’s gonna come out after. It doesn’t even matter," the...
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