Pink, Metallica, Garth Brooks Among Top Grossing Tours of 2019

No artist grossed more money on global tours than Pink in 2019, but artists like Metallica and Garth Brooks did just fine for themselves as well. Check out the full list.
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KISS Fans Sing Happy 70th Birthday to Gene Simmons

When Gene Simmons helped found KISS in 1973, there was no way he could have imagined standing on stage with his longtime bandmate Paul Stanley 46 years later while celebrating his 70th birthday. But that’s exactly where he found himself over the weekend in Saratoga Springs, NY. A few minutes before...
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Dog Owners Would Rather Smooch Their Pooch Than Their Partner

Let's face it -- dogs often stick their tongues in some pretty unsanitary places. Nevertheless, more than half of all dog owners prefer kissing their pets over their husband or wife, a new survey indicates. The study, conducted by Riley's Organics , reveals 52 percent of dog owners would rather...
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wedding kiss

Watch: Kid Voices Disgust At Wedding Kiss

File this under "things only a kid could get away with." It's a wedding video at a church and when the couple seals it with a kiss, you hear a kid say, "Ewwww." Fortunately, everyone laughed. Video of Kid Voices Disgust After Witnessing Wedding Kiss - 1000511
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