Man Takes Out 8 Billboards to Deliver Special Message to His Wife

( 100.3 JACK FM ) -- Sometimes it takes a grand gesture to show the proper amount of love for one’s significant other. That’s why a man in Oklahoma decided to express his love for his wife using eight billboards across Tulsa. After buying the ad space for his company, Josh Wilson decided confessing...
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Do You Trust Facebook With Your Dating Life?

Not satisfied with connecting you with friends, now Facebook wants to hook you up with a romantic partner too. The social media platform has announced it’s finally ready to launch its matchmaking service, Dating, in the United States, according to CNN . The news comes over a year after the tech...
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Quiz: What Should You Do This Valentine's Day?

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dating deal breakers

The Top 10 Dating Deal Breakers

You're obviously perfect, so no one's going to dump you over any big deal breakers. But since you might dump lots of other people over THEIR flaws, this study is still for you. A new study asked people to name their biggest dating deal breakers. And here are the top 10 . . . 1. Untrustworthiness. 2...
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Your go-to GIFs on dating apps

5 Ways to Have Better Conversations on Tinder

According to Elite Daily , these five things will spark better conversations with you your next Tinder match. Here they are: Upload smiling, face-forward photos to get more matches. People who smile in their photos are 14 percent more likely to get swiped right on than people who don't. Your...
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The Ultimate Compatibility Test: 7 Questions You Must Ask

When it comes to picking a life partner, there are a lot of options out there. (Thanks, Tinder.) So how the heck are you supposed to choose?! Consider these questions your own personal compatibility test. Get ready to ditch emojis and get down to business. 1. How do you spend your free time? 2. Do...
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Happy Couple

11 Essential Qualities in Couples That Last

Do you want to know the secret to those long-lasting relationships? Bustle recently spoke to matchmakers about the qualities that are essential to couples with a long-lasting relationship. Here are 11 things they tend to have in common: They communicate well. They’re transparent. They respect each...
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Check Out The 28 Men Who Will Compete for Becca Kufrin's Heart on 'The Bachelorette'

We're just a week from former Bachelor contestant turned Bachelorette , Becca Kufrin, starting her journey for love on national TV. Franchise host Chris Harrison just announced the list of men who will be participating on this season, and thankfully, none of them are racecar drivers. So which guys...
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