Mike Tyson

WATCH: Mike Tyson smokes HOW MUCH weed a month?

(KNOU) — Mike Tyson may have a habit. The former heavyweight boxer revealed in a podcast that he smokes $40,000 in weed a month. Tyson says that's about 10 tons of weed from a ranch. Mike Tyson is a cannabis advocate, so it may not come as a surprise. #MikeTyson reveals he smokes $40K of weed...
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Easy, safe snacks to make while stoned

ST. LOUIS (KNOU) — Smoke weed and chances are high you'll get hungry. And while eating might be fun while high, cooking is not such a ball. With that in mind and with 4/20 this weekend , Lifehacker has compiled a list of easy-to-make (or buy) snacks for the next time you decided to get stoned. Here...
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woman smoking marijuana joint

Marijuana industry preps for 4/20 holiday

4/20 has gone from a stoner's holiday to big business! With more states legalizing recreational pot and April 20 falling on a Saturday this year, cannabis retailers are prepping for huge sales for 2019. A point of sale and inventory management company based in Colorado, Flowhub , predicts that the...
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Jelly Belly now offering CBD-infused candies

Since bursting into the candy scene in 1976, Jelly Belly has crafted dozens of unique flavors of jellybeans. Now, inventor of Jelly Belly David Klein has infused his candy with cannabidiol, or CBD , for a new way to get your daily dosage. CBD, extracted from the cannabis plant, is used to treat...
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