Cedric the Entertainer

Meme documentary in the works from Cedric the Entertainer

ST. LOUIS (KNOU) — Missouri native and comedic icon Cedric the Entertainer is working on a new project to document the history of memes. Filling the role of executive producer for "Meme Gods," Cedric is collaborating with Sean Flax and Bryan Black to explore the internet culture phenomenon of memes...
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boss meme

30 memes about our relationships with bosses at work

From laughing at your boss’s bad jokes to calling in “sick,” we all have ways we cope with our supervisors’ idiosyncrasies. Bored Panda hit the nail on the head with 30 funny memes about our work relationships with our bosses. Click here to see them all. © 2019 KNOU (Entercom). All rights reserved.
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We Made a Meme with PRETTYMUCH to Show Our Excitement When We Heard New Music is Coming VERY Soon!

Watch PRETTYMUCH Make the Dankest Meme for Their New Music

Alright BEANZ, we all know PRETTYMUCH are big fans of the...
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