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Drake Had A 2000's Themed Birthday Party

Drake celebrated his 32nd birthday as he hosted the star-studded party in LA-- Check out this 2000's themed party! Drake channeling @myfabolouslife last night at his 2000’s Themed birthday party. — Word On Road (@WordOnRd) October 24, 2018 You better believe @Drake ’s...
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"Havana" Commercial Banned For Being Too Scary

A Spotify commercial which uses the song "Havana" by Camila Cabello was recently banned for being too scary.. What do you think of it? Hey @Camila_Cabello ! "Havana" is a killer song we can't resist. Nor can millions of fans all over the world. Nor can this funny doll thing in our commercial...
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Ross Butler Being Investigated For Attempted Murder

Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why star, Ross Butler, is being investigated, after being named as an accomplice to an attempted murder. Frances-Bean Cobain (daughter of Kurt Cobain) 's ex husband Isaiah Silva, claims to have found evidence that Courtney Love (Frances-Bean's mother) was planning to murder...
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Are Imagine Dragons Bad Luck To NHL Golden Knights?

Are Imagine Dragons a curse over the Las Vegas Golden Knights? Imagine Dragons, native to Las Vegas, have been performing at each Knights home game this season. However, every game that Imagine Dragons have played, has been a loss for the Golden Knights! Naturally, Twitter had plenty to say about...
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A Real Life AirBud!

Can we get this to @SportsCenter ? @ESPNAssignDesk — Max Pearce (@maxwellpearce) October 9, 2018
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Halsey Talks "Without Me", Relationship with G-Eazy

Video of Halsey Talks Without Me, Justin Timberlake & G-Eazy
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Tips To Throw A Killer Party

When you throw a party, you have about 20 minutes or less to impress someone- So if you want to throw a good party that makes people want to STAY, here are some ideas to get you started! - Kasey 1. Make sure your place looks clean- there's almost a 100% chance that it'll be featured in your friends...
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Your Dog Actually Gets Sad When You Use Your Phone

It turns out your friends, your significant other, your family, your coworkers, and your kids aren't the only ones who get bummed out when you totally ignore them to stare at your phone. That feeling crosses SPECIES. According to a new study, your DOG also gets depressed when he sees you using your...
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Camila Cabello Sings With 4 Year Old Fan

Video of Camila Cabello Sings 'Havana' With ADORABLE 4-Year-Old Fan
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This Girl Is Regina George's Doppelganger!

Instagram introduced us to Clarisse Muller- a teenage model from Nimibia who looks very familiar to us. Being a Mean Girls super fan, I know Regina George when I see her, YOU CANT FOOL ME. — kathie camacho (@kathieemacho) September 25, 2018 She’s from Africa and she’s white...
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