Camila Cabello Sings With 4 Year Old Fan

Video of Camila Cabello Sings 'Havana' With ADORABLE 4-Year-Old Fan
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This Girl Is Regina George's Doppelganger!

Instagram introduced us to Clarisse Muller- a teenage model from Nimibia who looks very familiar to us. Being a Mean Girls super fan, I know Regina George when I see her, YOU CANT FOOL ME. — kathie camacho (@kathieemacho) September 25, 2018 She’s from Africa and she’s white...
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Spotify Makes A "Sweetener" Experience

Spotify is hosting a "unique immersive experience inspired by Sweetener ", Ariana Grande's latest album. Every room will represent a song on the album, and her "Arianators" seem pretty excited! Spotify will be hosting an exhibit for @ArianaGrande ’s album ‘Sweetener.’ The “immersive” experience...
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Twitter's 10 Reasons Not To Date Someone

For their dog. Because when it doesn't work out, you'll miss that dog. #BadReasonsToDateSomeone — ☮️Lola☯️ (@_lola_bee) September 24, 2018 You need some inspiration for a song. #BadReasonsToDateSomeone — Jen (@JenTusch) September 24, 2018 They would make a good date for...
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Bumblebee The Movie Trailer

Video of Bumblebee (2018) - New Official Trailer - Paramount Pictures
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Fans Think Harry Styles Dresses Like A Muppet

Someone said Harry Styles dresses like this um — triv -- (@bedroomflicker) September 19, 2018 i knew it — gracie has exams today (@foreignlads) September 19, 2018 here's another one ---- — gracie has exams today (@...
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A Live Proposal Just Happened at the Emmys

Glenn Weiss popped the question to girlfriend Jan Svendsen as he accepted his award for outstanding directing for a variety special, and the unexpected moment left many viewers in tears. While accepting the Emmy for outstanding directing for a variety special, #Oscars director Glenn Weiss proposes...
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Taylor Swift Playfully Disses Ed Sheeran

On a hike today, Taylor Swift & Ed Sheeran posted to Instagram- poking fun at each other & predicting who will win at the AMA's. Safe to say whoever wins the AMA for fav pop/rock album will be an artist who writes songs about love and heartbreak -- YOU get to decide who it’ll be. Vote at...
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Ariana's Brother Frankie Heartbroken Over Mac Miller

Ariana Grande's brother, Frankie, posted to Instagram today to say how heartbroken he is by Mac Miller's passing. He's goes on to say, "He was a good friend and was wonderful to my sister". I am beyond heartbroken over Malcolm’s death. He was a good friend and was wonderful to my sister. He was the...
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Relatable Back To School Tweets

10 Tweets about back to school that are way too real First day back to school... “There will be NO tears.” *Me, to myself — Chelle (@FabMommy29) September 6, 2018 First day #BackToSchool Yes, there were tears. Yes, they were mine. #ThankYouTeachers #MyHouseIsSoQuietRightNow — alyson hannigan (@...
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