How to Stop ‘Motherzilla’ From Destroying Your Wedding

Bridezilla has met her match! Wedding prep can bring out the best and worst in people and not just for the bride and groom. The mothers (and fathers) of the engaged couple can also have heightened emotions at this time, become very controlling and overreact to the most innocuous details surrounding...
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The Rock

Dwayne Johnson's Daughter Compliments His Chest

Kids say the darndest things — just ask Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson! While spending a quiet weekend at home with his family, the 46-year-old Skyscraper actor got an interesting compliment from his daughter Jasmine Lia, 2, during their swimming lesson. “Great to recharge the batteries this weekend,...
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Judge Judy Has a Message for Fathers of Girls Everywhere

“Every successful woman I know had a father who adored her," the TV judge recently said.
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