golden retrievers

British Couple Offers $40,000 Salary to Watch Their Golden Retrievers

(NOW) - A couple in London, England, is seeking someone to watch their golden retrievers--and they're willing to pay about $40,000 for the full-time dog-sitting gig. The couple wants someone to move into their home and watch Milo and Oscar full-time, as they are corporate executives who frequently...
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2nd Date Update: Date Jake and Theresa - 2 Years Angry Dad

Rarely do you go on a date that tears apart your entire family. That actually happened on today’s Phone Call and, as usual, it’s our job to put it back together in your Second Date!
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Adam Driver

Adam Driver Has Secretly Been a Dad for 2 Years

Adam Driver has reportedly managed to be a dad for two years without anybody knowing. Sources tell Page Six that the Star Wars actor and his wife Joanne Tucker have 2-year-old-son who has made appearances on family members' private Instagram accounts. An insider says that Driver, who has been...
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Brooke & Jubal Second Date Update: PTA Meeting

The couple in today’s Second Date are both single parents who met at a PTA meeting. Ronald and Carrie hit it off, but Carrie isn’t calling Ronald back because he’s looking out for his future. Is she overreacting? You be the judge.
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Blue Ivy

Watch: Hilarious Reaction From Blue Ivy to Bey & Jay's Tour Video

Beyoncé and JAY-Z's daughter Blue Ivy was red-faced with embarrassment last week at her parents' joint concert in London.
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