WATCH: 'Drunk Taylor Swift' Dancing to Her Own Song Is Exactly What We Need on Monday

(NOW) - This weekend, Taylor Swift hosted a party for her people that helped create the "ME!" and "You Need To Calm Down" music videos. They were nominated for 10 VMA's and they celebrated it pretty hard ... especially Swift. Now, "Drunk Taylor Swift" has been trending and people are obsessed with...
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4th of July Fun Facts

ST. LOUIS (KNOU) -- Looking for a way to show off at your friends 4th of July party? Well, here are some prime Fourth of July fun-facts that are sure to impress... 1. 61% of Americans own an American flag . . . but most of them weren't made in America. We import $5.4 million worth of American flags...
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WATCH: Montage of the massive Blues celebration all day at OB Clark's

(NOW) - One player's grandma got to hold the Cup. A lot of beer was showered onto the crowd – and drank by the players. Blues legend Bobby Plager got his chance to hoist it. Alex Steen took it into the crowd. Related: LOOK: Foal born on Missouri farm after Game 7 buzzer named 'Gloria' Here's what...
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The Stanley Cup will be at BPV with HaZe for Tonight's Blues Watch Party

ST. LOUIS (NOW 96.3) - Hockey fans in St. Louis will be able to watch the next St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup Playoff game in the presence of Lord Stanley's Cup. The famous traveling trophy will be at Ballpark Village on Wednesday and available for photo opportunities with fans. The Blues mascot Louie...
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Adele & Jennifer Lawrence Whoop It Up at NYC Gay Bar

Adele and BFF Jennifer Lawrence took their star talent to a gay bar in Manhattan this past weekend, whooping it up at Pieces' weekly "Frisky Fridays" drag show. When the night's host, drag queen Brita Filter, asked Adele what she did for a living, the pop diva replied, "I'm actually at the moment a...
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St. Louis Arch

The Ten U.S. Cities with the Best Nightlife

A new study ranked the 50 U.S. cities with the best nightlife, based on how many options there are per capita. The researchers looked at how many bars, clubs, breweries, and live music venues there are compared to the population. So it's all about cities where you can go out without fighting...
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11 Types of New Year's Eve Kisses

There's always a lot of pressure to have someone to smooch on New Year's Eve. And Elite Daily has identified 11 and broken down what they mean. Here they are: The first kiss you’ve waited two dates for. Anticipation means you've established understanding on other levels, meaning this could turn...
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Get $5 Off NYE Live! Ballpark Village Tickets!!

Ballpark Village doesn’t do mild, we don’t do tame, when we do it, we DO IT BIG and New Years Eve 2019 is no different as we host 4 special celebrity guests from the cast of Vanderpump Rules! Don’t miss as St. Louis’ own Tom Sandoval and crew Tom Schwartz, Ariana Madix & Katie Maloney host a...
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Taco Bell

Taco Bell Launches “Party” Service

Taco Bell is offering fast food fans a more casual option for their big planned events by launching a “party” service for the holiday season. The fast food chain announced on Thursday its new “Party by Taco Bell” program, which allows people to book small gatherings in select Taco Bell locations...
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Halloween Drinks & Candy

The Booze to Pair with Your Favorite Halloween Candy

Halloween is quite possibly the greatest social event there is. What other time of year can a bunch of adults get together, don incredible costumes, and throw booze and candy into the mix? But before you get into all of that, make sure your drink is candy-appropriate. Here’s the drink that should...
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