Paul DeJong

Cardinals Player Who Broke Big Mac Land is 'Buying' The Letter 'M'

ST. LOUIS (NOW) - A member of the St. Louis Cardinals will pay for the damage he did in Busch Stadium last month. Shortstop Paul DeJong will purchase the "M" from Big Mac Land for $22,000 and all of the money is going to charity. DeJong busted the "M" in Big Mac Land with a home run on August 20...
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WATCH: Cardinals shortstop plays catch with 6-year-old Cubs fan

(NOW) - It's a made-for-social-media moment people will never get tired of seeing, that's better than signing an autograph or taking a photo with a fan. Paul DeJong simply played catch with a 6-year-old fan before Sunday's game at Wrigley Field and people loved it. The video of the St. Louis...
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