Phone Tap

Stock image of apartment hallway.

Phone Tap: Bruce Hits on Unsuspecting Apartment Neighbor

Our old pal, Mr. Bruce, is back. He's the thrice divorced elementary school teacher and he always has his eye out for babes. Well, it looks like he spotted one and he's swooping in, in today's Phone Tap.
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Photo of a backpack at school.

Phone Tap: Pook Goes Back To School

Your favorite foul-mouthed Phone Tap character is back: it’s Clarence a.k.a. Big Pook! This time he’s not looking for work, but as always he’s up to something suspicious.
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Nanny holds a baby.

Phone Tap: Baby Talk Nanny

In today's Phone Tap Jubal called a woman who applied for a nanny position. She almost has the job, but there’s one very odd final test she must complete first.
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Phone Tap: Jubal's Drunk Dial

We get so many requests from people all over the country to do phone taps. So, Jubal thought it would be hilarious to call someone who requested a phone tap and act, well, drunk. Will they figure out that he’s actually phone tapping them?
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Brooke & Jubal Phone Tap: Keep My Lost Cat, Please

Jubal calls a woman who recently took in a stray cat. Oddly enough, that was Jubal’s cat! But he doesn’t want it back.
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Brooke & Jubal Phone Tap: I Already Paid Those Tickets

Dennis already paid off his $700 parking tickets last week, but that's not what Jubal’s records show.
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Brooke & Jubal Phone Tap: You Almost Won $600K

Jubal has fantastic news for one woman who was at the casino last night.
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Brooke & Jubal Phone Tap: Got Your Evite

Jubal calls a woman to tell her he's super pumped about her birthday party and can't wait to celebrate with her.
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Kindergarten Class

Brooke & Jubal Phone Tap: Kindergarten Movie Lessons

Jubal calls a kindergarten teacher to tell her about a change to the school’s curriculum. There’s a new program they will be rolling out that has NEVER been done before… and Jubal is positive that this is the BEST way to teach kids…
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Brooke & Jubal Phone Tap: Hatch Your Phone

Our Phone Tap victim has been so upset and frustrated with his brand new phone that he’s going to send it back and DEMAND a refund.
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