Phone Tap

Brooke & Jubal Phone Tap: Sorry About Your Steak

The guy on the other end of today’s Phone Tap complained after his steak came out medium when he ordered it "medium rare."
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Brooke & Jubal Phone Tap: Hardcore Knitting

Jubal takes knitting very seriously and he doesn't want anybody in his class who doesn't want to learn with a vengeance!
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Brooke & Jubal Phone Tap: Squirrel Swervin'

Someone just got a brand new BMW that needs a tune up, so Jubal was willing to call him with an update.
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Brooke & Jubal Phone Tap: Zoo Babies

In today’s Phone Tap, Jubal is rewarding an intern at the local zoo with a promotion for all her hard work!
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Brooke & Jubal Phone Tap: Backyard Boxing

Jubal is welcoming a woman to the neighborhood…and in his neighborhood they do all kinds of fun things.
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Brooke & Jubal Phone Tap: Must Be That Tall

Jubal calls a local gym to mess with the manager who is apparently not very good with customer complaints.
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Brooke & Jubal Phone Tap: Bingo Con

Today’s Phone Tap victim thinks she legitimately won a jackpot at a bingo hall, but when Jubal accuses her of cheating, she becomes one the sorest losers we’ve ever heard.
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Random Driver

Phone Tap: Vlad and the Ride Share

Today, Jubal calls a woman who posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a RIDESHARE across the country. She's probably gotten a few weird calls from people who are interested already… but we GUARANTEE they weren't as weird as the one she's ABOUT TO receive from a man named Vlad. Hear it in the PHONE...
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Lactose Intolerance

Phone Tap: Lactose Intolerance

Today Jubal Phone Taps a guy who is lactose intolerant. You see, Jubal doesn't BELIEVE that you should be intolerant of anybody or anything! And maybe he can learn to accept cheese instead of being so prejudiced against it.… Is that NOT what "lactose intolerance" means?? Oh well! Want more Brooke...
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Brooke & Jubal Phone Tap: Waiter Wing Man

Jubal is frustrated with his latest dining experience.
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