Kristin Cavallari reveals she thought about divorcing Jay Cutler 'every single day for over two years'

While Kristin Cavallari’s divorce from Jay Cutler surprised many fans, she reveals it was a long time coming though she said it wasn’t an easy decision. Read more to find out what led to their split.
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Listen: Songs to Help You Get Over Rejection

Valentine's Day isn't everyone's cup of tea--especially if you've just been rejected, romantically or otherwise. To this end, Lifehacker has compiled a playlist of 79 songs that will help you get over rejection. Top 10 are listed below; click on the link for all 79: "Cry Me a River," Justin...
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Delta Airlines and Diet Coke Failed with Flirty Napkins

Maybe Delta airlines and Diet Coke should stick to flying and soft drinks instead of dating. According to Buzzfeed News , the two companies created a marketing campaign for passengers to connect by using the napkin that read, " you're on a plane full of interesting people and never know...
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dating deal breakers

The Top 10 Dating Deal Breakers

You're obviously perfect, so no one's going to dump you over any big deal breakers. But since you might dump lots of other people over THEIR flaws, this study is still for you. A new study asked people to name their biggest dating deal breakers. And here are the top 10 . . . 1. Untrustworthiness. 2...
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newspaper ad

Dad Places a Dating Ad for His Sons Before a Family Trip.. and It Worked

It's always good when your parents do something MORTIFYING but it somehow works out for you. A dad named Neil from Oregon was going on a trip to New Zealand over Christmas along with his wife and their three adult sons . . . a 26-year-old named Benjamin, a 28-year-old named Jeremy, and a 31-year-...
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Tinder Reveals "A Year in Swiping"

Tinder just released some end-of-the-year statistics, and they found that in 2018, the most popular time for swiping was 9:00 P.M. on Mondays. Here are a few more stats from the study... 1. The most popular months for Tinder were January and August. 2. The most popular time on an average day is 6:...
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Six Relationship Issues That Can Surface Around the Holidays

Here are six relationship issues that can pop up around the holidays . . . 1. Holiday spending. Especially if you're not honest about it, or you go way overbudget. Between presents, plane tickets, parties, and decorations, it's an expensive time of year. So make a budget together, and try to stick...
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5 Things to Watch Out for If You're Single & Bad at Texting

Dating in the digital age can be tough--especially if you consider yourself to be a bad at texting. With that in mind, Elite Daily has compiled a list of five things you should be wary of if you start texting a potential romantic interest. Here they are: 1. Texting too much. Show interest, but...
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Single Girl

The 10 Best U.S. Cities for Singles in 2018

Need help finding love? WalletHub has just come out with its rankings for the best and worst U.S. cities for singles in 2018. Based on such factors as number of online dating opportunities and nightlife options per capita, here are the places that made the top 10 (check the link for more): Atlanta...
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Today is National Boyfriend Day

Today is National Boyfriend Day, and according to a new survey, when one out of six women in relationships found out about National Boyfriend Day, they were like "yeah, no, I'm not going to do anything for him." Out of the women who ARE going to celebrate, 24% plan to cook a nice dinner . . . 23%...
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