Online scammers are posing as Amazon employees ahead of Prime Day

The Better Business Bureau says people across the country are getting phone calls claiming that something is wrong with an Amazon order or delivery.
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Woman Duped Into Sending Life Savings by FedEx in Coronavirus Scam

A woman in South Florida says she lost her life savings when she was targeted in a coronavirus scam by someone claiming to be with the Social Security Administration.
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Authorities Warn of Coronavirus Tracing Text Message Scams

Contact tracing identifies those who come in contact with a COVID-19 positive person. Scammers are pretending to be ‘contact tracers’ to get personal information out of people. Read more about the new scam authorities are warning about.
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'Shark Tank' Star Barbara Corcoran Loses Nearly $400,000 in Phishing Scam

’Shark Tank’ star Barbara Corcoran and her team became victims of a phishing scam that caused her to lose $400,000. Find out how one phony email caused her so much money.
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POLICE: New Venmo scam targets users through text message

(KNOU) - There's a text message scam that's trying to trick Venmo users according to a Facebook post from the Massachusetts-based Dighton Police Department. ALERT: If you use the Venmo app, be aware there is a scam going around. — Only In Boston (@OnlyInBOS) September 17...
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The Newest Uber Scam to Watch Out For Is "Vomit Fraud"

If you throw up in an Uber, you'll get hit with an extra charge of up to $150. So the newest scam drivers are pulling is "vomit fraud" . . . where they claim you threw up, even if you didn't. They might even include fake photos. And if it happens to you, you can go through a long appeals process...
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Heads Up! Fake Starbucks Coupon Circulating

Starbucks is not celebrating its 50th anniversary by giving each person who takes an online survey a $50 coupon.
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