second date

2nd Date Update: Steph and Chris - Teacher gets hit on at the bar

The woman in today’s Second Date doesn’t actually want to see the guy we’re calling again. In fact, she didn’t even really go out with him in the first place! The request she has for us is something we’ve never been asked to do.
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Kevin Har

2nd Date Update: I Don’t Kevin Hart You

One of our listeners didn’t have the best first date ever. It wasn’t his fault, and it wasn’t his date’s fault. Could their bad date be entirely the fault of Kevin Hart?
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2nd Date Update: Arrested Development, Not the Netflix Show

No, we're not talking about the Netflix show. Imagine the terrible things that could happen while making out with someone. They sneeze in your mouth, bad garlic breath or hearing them moan another person’s name. Well, none of those are anywhere near as horrible as what happened to one of our...
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