Second Date Update

Guy winking.

Second Date Update: Ryan and Paige's 'The Wink'

One of our callers pulled one of the cheesiest, pick up moves on a girl at a party, and it worked? Things seemed like they were going great until they walked upstairs and interrupted something they shouldn’t have. We’ll have the whole breakdown in your Second Date!
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Couple Having Drinks

Second Date Update: Alicia and Geno (Survey Says)

Sometimes all it takes is a LITTLE BIT of extra effort to show that you REALLY care about someone. Well, one of our listeners says that after her romantic evening, the guy did something that NO OTHER MAN has ever done for her before…. So why is HE the one who’s not calling back?
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Three pairs of Growing feet on grass.

2nd Date Update: So You're Scared of Feet, Huh

One of our listeners, Allison, is on the line and she’s very interested in a Second Date with Jake but she’s worried a weird little phobia of hers might have scared him off for good. We’ll talk to her next!
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Couple on laptop.

2nd Date Update: Rob and Annie's Youtube Date

One of our listeners, Rob, decided to do something a little fun and a little different for his first date with Annie. Unfortunately, it didn't go as smoothly as he had hoped. In fact, it kind of just got weird. Now he's hoping for a shot at redemption.
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Brooke & Jubal Second Date Update: PTA Meeting

The couple in today’s Second Date are both single parents who met at a PTA meeting. Ronald and Carrie hit it off, but Carrie isn’t calling Ronald back because he’s looking out for his future. Is she overreacting? You be the judge.
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Brooke & Jubal Second Date Update: Ambush Date

We know that when it comes to asking someone out, you need to be bold and confident. One of our callers… absolutely did not do that.
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Online dating

Brooke & Jubal Second Date Update: Catfished

Online dating can either end really well or really badly and for one of our listeners, it ended badly.
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Brooke & Jubal Second Date Update: Meter Maid In Heaven

Cora works as a meter maid and is used to people not being happy with her.
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Bunk Beds

Brooke & Jubal Second Date Update: Jake and Kelly's Bunk Bed Disaster

One of our listeners believes he met the PERFECT woman for him. Their date went well, but when he took her back to his place EVERYTHING changed. Now she’s not calling him back… What turned her off at the apartment?
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Brooke & Jubal Second Date Update: First Date Cheater

Tom made one of the BIGGEST mistakes a guy can make while on a date… Like BIG.
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