Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson has quit smoking weed

(NOW) - Country icon Willie Nelson has stopped smoking weed. Willie, whose smoking habits have only been rivaled by Snoop Dogg, said that breathing is a little more difficult these days and he has to be careful. The 86 year old said he does not smoke anymore and that he is taking better care of...
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person using e-cigarette vape device

You vape, bro? Maybe not after reading this.

BOSTON (KNOU) — Vaping is better for your lungs than smoking, right? Not necessarily, according to a new study . Researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health say many popular e-cigs contain “bacterial and fungal toxins” that are linked with lung disease. Toxins were found in nearly 25% of the...
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Hawaii Might Eventually Increase Legal Smoking Age to 100-Years-Old

The state of Hawaii could ban cigarette sales if a current bill is passed. The legislation would gradually raise the age someone can buy cigarettes. The minimum age would go to 30 years old in 2020, 40 in 2021, 50 in 2022, 60 in 2023 and 100 years old in 2024. The new law would not apply to e-cigs...
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