Tinder Rolling Out 'Video Chat' Feature Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

You can now swipe right to video chat. The coronavirus pandemic has made it more difficult to meet people than ever before, which is why Tinder is rolling out a video chat option for virtual dating. Read more now.
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This Is the One Thing Women Want Most in a Partner

What women want is more than just a 2000 Mel Gibson film. It’s also the topic of a new study that investigated what females actually look for in a partner. Now, if you think the answer is six pack abs or an American Express Black Card, you’d be sorely mistaken. The results from Clue’s ideal partner...
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phone with tinder app

Which state is most dangerous for online dating? 

(KNOU) — If you're looking for love online, you may want to start looking for a new beau in one of the New England states. For the second year in a row, Vermont is ranked the safest place for online dating, according to HighSpeedInternet.com . Stats on internet crimes, STDs and sex/HIV education...
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Is Tinder Really Rolling Out a New "Height Verification" Feature?

Let's HOPE this is an April Fools' Day prank . . . Tinder tweeted an announcement on Friday about a new HEIGHT VERIFICATION feature. Quote, "It's come to our attention that most of you 5-foot-10ers out there are actually 5-foot-6. The charade must stop." They say you need to submit a picture of...
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Tinder Rolls Out New "Spring Break Mode" Feature

Tinder has rolled out its "Spring Break" feature, which allows users to match with others who are heading to the same destinations as them for spring break. From now until March 31, users can find potential hookups heading to 20 popular spring break destinations, including Miami, New Orleans, Las...
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Rebel Wilson

Rebel Wilson Teaches Kids How to Use Tinder

On the Valentine's Day episode of Ellen, Rebel Wilson visited a group of elementary school students and taught them about Tinder. "Their picture comes up and if you click yes, you click on the love heart. But if you want to reject them and say nah, no thank you—because I have high standards because...
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Tinder Reveals "A Year in Swiping"

Tinder just released some end-of-the-year statistics, and they found that in 2018, the most popular time for swiping was 9:00 P.M. on Mondays. Here are a few more stats from the study... 1. The most popular months for Tinder were January and August. 2. The most popular time on an average day is 6:...
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Chicken Tenders

Hardee's Wants Tinder Users to Hookup With "Chris P." Chicken Tender

Fast food meets online dating... If you've ever wanted to be taken out for a nice dinner date, then Hardee's wants you to meet Chris P. on Tinder. That's the "super tender" avatar the fast-food chain has placed on the dating site in hopes of hooking the horny and the hungry. Chris P. (get it?!) has...
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Sexy Pilot

The Sexiest Jobs According To Tinder

Tinder just released its updated list of the most "right-swiped" jobs of 2018, and radio host is NOT in the top ten anymore. Two years ago, it was the fifth most attractive job men could have. Now it's not even in the top 15. And the new sexiest job for guys is INTERIOR DESIGNER. The most right-...
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Your go-to GIFs on dating apps

5 Ways to Have Better Conversations on Tinder

According to Elite Daily , these five things will spark better conversations with you your next Tinder match. Here they are: Upload smiling, face-forward photos to get more matches. People who smile in their photos are 14 percent more likely to get swiped right on than people who don't. Your...
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