Uber to Require Passengers to Provide Face-Mask Selfies

With face masks becoming more commonplace across the country, many still find it difficult to abide by the wearing rules. Now, Uber is unveiling a method to make sure all riders are wearing their appropriate face coverings.
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Uber Will Require Passengers and Drivers to Wear Face Masks Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

Uber will soon require that its passengers and drivers wear face masks amid the coronavirus pandemic. No start date has been reported, but the company is encouraging people to always wear face masks.
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Safety Tips for Uber and Lyft Riders

After the horrific murder of Samantha Josephson we wanted to share the importance of safety for those using rideshare apps. Thanks to PEOPLE they spoke with an automotive expert about precautions people using ride-sharing apps should take. Always keep these tips in mind when getting into a car with...
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Here Are the Weirdest Things Left Behind in Ubers Last Year

Uber just released its annual list of the strangest things people left behind in Ubers last year. The Top 50 list doesn't appear to be ranked in any way. So we went through the whole thing and grabbed our favorites. Some of the weirdest things people left behind last year are . . . A two-month-old...
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Should You Tip Your Uber Driver? If So, How Much?

Uber added tipping to its app over a year ago, but just how much should you be tipping your driver? Brett Helling, a former Uber driver who now runs a driverse resource called Ridester.com, tells The New York Times that he tips between 10 and 20 percent the cost of the trip, based on level of...
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The Newest Uber Scam to Watch Out For Is "Vomit Fraud"

If you throw up in an Uber, you'll get hit with an extra charge of up to $150. So the newest scam drivers are pulling is "vomit fraud" . . . where they claim you threw up, even if you didn't. They might even include fake photos. And if it happens to you, you can go through a long appeals process...
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Uber Is Teaming Up With Venmo

Splitting the cost of your Uber with your friends just got easier! Uber has announced a partnership with Venmo that will allow you & others to split the cost of your ride, without ever leaving the Uber app. Eventually, this will also be available for apps like Uber Eats as well! The new collab...
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