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Dog Hilariously Rings Doorbell After Getting Locked Outside

Woof woof! Let me in! A hilarious video surfaced the internet when a dog frantically rang the doorbell after being left outside. In the surveillance video, a Labrador mix, Chika, was accidentally left outside when her owners went to bed. According to the New York Post , after the dog patiently...
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Olympic Divers Assemble in 'Avengers' Pool Challenge

A group of Olympic divers have scored gold by taking on the roles of Marvel super heroes in a viral video challenge. British diver Jack Laugher shared the clip which features him and his fellow shirtless Olympian pals rising up from the water to recreate the “Avengers: assemble!” moves from the...
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Is This the Grossest Thing Anyone Has Ever Done on a Plane?

By Jacquie Cadorette This is a video you’ll never be able to un-see. A viral video shows a man on a plane using his bare feet to navigate the movie screen in front of him. Author Alafair Burke posted the video to Twitter saying, “My friend who doesn’t have twitter sent this from her flight. It...
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Watch: A Dad Helps His Little Girl with Her Hula-Hoop

Check out this dad winning at parenting! Someone posted an adorable video of a dad helping his young daughter with her Hula-Hoop. They're in an area where a bunch of kids are using them, but she needs help . . . so her dad "spins" it with his hands while she dances and jumps around.
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Watch: Dog Has Hilarious Response to Reporters Question

If you got the chance to be interviewed what would you say?! Would you freeze up or make the most of it?! Stanley, a border collie in Perth, made an appearance on the local news channel and well he took this opportunity to use his 15 minutes of fame. Hey @stanleythecollie, don't eat that mic foam!...
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Watch: A Best Man Face Plants During the Wedding Ceremony

A best man fainted, and then face planted during an outdoor wedding ceremony in Snohomish, Washington, which is north of Seattle. He hits the pavement really hard and may have knocked out some teeth. It's not clear how long he was unconscious, but he does get back on his feet. It also looks like he...
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Fashion Fail: Girls Falls While Trying to Show Off Her Outfit

It's all about angles to get the perfect pic right?! Watch as this girl tried to take a selfie showing off her entire outfit only to fall flat on her butt. HA! This may be the best thing you see on the internet today! I was just tryin to show off the fit
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Boy Dancing

Viral Video: Frat Boy Falls Off Stage Doing "Fortnite" Dance

Some frat guys at the University of Oklahoma were on a theater stage getting ready for some event when one of them started doing a "Fortnite" dance. And he was so into it that he fell off the edge of the stage. He was fine though. It's only a four-second clip but it's great because his long hair is...
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The Grinch

Viral Video: Grinch Sums Up 2018 with All the Hits

From Cardi B to Drake the Grinch is summing up 2018 with some of the biggest hits of the year. Video of 2018 YOUTUBE REWIND PARODY [GRINCH EDITION]
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Taylor Swift Christmas Lights

Watch: Christmas Lights Timed To "Ready For It"

Someone timed their Christmas lights to Taylor Swift's "Ready For It", and it's pretty AMAZING... Just because I’m a die hard @taylorswift13 @taylornation13 fan, I had to program my Christmas light show to ...Ready for it? Enjoy! — Tay Stans Only (@coverboiii) November 15...
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