viral video

Ice Pond

Viral Video: Polar Plunge Fail

A woman in Russia stripped down to her bra and thong to do a polar plunge into a lake. She got a running start and attempted a cannonball, but didn't know the lake had frozen over so she just bounced and then slid on the ice. Video of Icy Lake Jump Fail || ViralHog
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Fashion Runway

Viral Vide: Stray Cat Upstages Runway Models

We've all heard of the cat walk, but this is literally a video of a cat on the cat walk! Not sure how it ended up there, but the cat just chills out on the runway while models walk by. Video of Funny moment when a cat shows up at a fashion show in Turkey.
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Harry Potter

Watch High School Dance Team's Viral Harry Potter Routine

Watch students of Arizona's Walden Grove High Schooltake you to Hogwarts with yet another viral dance sensation that'll blow you away. Video of "Harry Potter" Homecoming Assembly
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LMFAO's 'Party Rock Anthem' Improves So Many Classic Songs

Oh, hey, here’s a new meme of LMFAO’s hit “Party Rock Anthem” from 2011 being set to other popular songs. The meme grew in popularity when the tweet above of LMFAO dancing to Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” went viral: Party Rock Anthem has the same bpm as Uptown Girl — Stan...
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wine opener

Watch: Wine Opener Rides Rollercoaster

A guy held his wine opener in front of a video of a rollercoaster ride, and then he manipulated the corkscrew part so the levers looked like a person's arms going up and down with the turns and drops of the coaster. MR. BOTTLE-OPENER RIDES A ROLLERCOASTER — sam fletcher...
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Colorado Buffaloes

Viral Video: Mascot Shoots Himself With T-Shirt Rocket

We would never wish this on Fredbird or Louie... but it is still pretty funny to watch. Check out this footage posted on Twitter shows the Colorado Buffaloes mascot, Chip the Buffalo, shooting himself in the groin with a t-shirt cannon after accidentally facing it towards him instead of the crowd...
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Missy Elliot

Missy Elliott Shocks Viral Star "Funky White Sister" On "Ellen"

Mary Halsey's karaoke performance of Missy Elliott's "Work It" went viral, and not only did Mary perform it on the show, Ellen surprised her by bringing out hip-hop superstar Missy Elliott to take the stage with her "funky white sister"! Video of Missy Elliott Shocks Viral Video Star Mary Halsey
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dog and cat sleeping

Viral Video: Dog Accidentally Farts In His Sleep But It’s Cat’s Comeback Is Epic

This video is just another reason why we love our pets, oh and the internet! Check out this hilarious clip of a dog passing gas while sleeping and his cat friend is just not having it. Oddly, this seems all too relatable when it comes to couples. LOL! Video of Dog Sleep Farting Makes Cat Angry
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Lady Gaga

Watch: Lady Gaga Responds to 11-Year-Old Boy's Flawless Lip Sync Video

After a short clip of a boy saying goodbye to his friends via Twitter went viral (because it was adorable), many on the internet were dying to know more about who the boy was. It turns out, he’s one of Lady Gaga’s biggest fans, and the 20-second vid was just a shorter clip from an extended lip-sync...
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wedding kiss

Watch: Kid Voices Disgust At Wedding Kiss

File this under "things only a kid could get away with." It's a wedding video at a church and when the couple seals it with a kiss, you hear a kid say, "Ewwww." Fortunately, everyone laughed. Video of Kid Voices Disgust After Witnessing Wedding Kiss - 1000511
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