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unicorn raft

Cops Rescue Women Stranded on Unicorn Raft

On Saturday in Minnesota, five women were floating on Fish Lake in a unicorn raft when the inflatable vessel got stuck in some weeds. A pair of police deputies just so happened to pull their vehicle over near the body of water to take a selfie with the women when they realized they were stuck. One...
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Must Watch: Miss Mary Truly Knows How To 'Work It'

She can even flip it and reverse it!
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Blue Ivy

Watch: Hilarious Reaction From Blue Ivy to Bey & Jay's Tour Video

Beyoncé and JAY-Z's daughter Blue Ivy was red-faced with embarrassment last week at her parents' joint concert in London.
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Video: Concertgoer Gets Her Head Stuck in Truck's Tailpipe

Some girl was horsing around at the Winstock Music Festival west of Minneapolis last week when she got her head stuck in a pickup truck's oversized tailpipe. Really a tailpipe....
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The Royal Wedding

Watch: The Royal Wedding Bad Lip Reading

If you were glued to your television over the weekend watching The Royal wedding you will love the most recent Bad Lip Reading.
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fake teeth

Viral Video: EBay Teeth Get Stuck in Girl's Mouth

A young woman bought teeth off Ebay, and the dentures ended up getting stuck to her gums...and it just went down hill from there. Her sister posted the video on Facebook with the caption, "So today my sister thought she would try out her new ebay teeth this will teach her ---- it’s been a while...
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