The #1 Thing Women Want for Valentine's Day

If you think guys are the only ones looking to get lucky this Thursday, you are WRONG, my friend. A new survey asked women what they want to do on Valentine's Day, and the second most-popular answer was have SEX. 67% of women said they want their Valentine's Day plans to include a romantic dinner...
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New Study: Ladies Like a Stinky Guy

Here's yet another reason why it's rough being a single woman: Single men STINK. And not metaphorically. They literally smell terrible. But evolution has trained you to think that's a GOOD thing. A new study out of Australia found that single men naturally smell worse than men who are in...
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spa mask

What Women Spend On Their Face

A new study found the average woman spends about $3-a-day on her FACE. And that doesn't sound SO bad until you start adding it up over the course of months, years, and decades. The study found the average woman uses $3 worth of makeup, creams, moisturizers, serums, and more on her face every day...
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Sexy Pilot

The Sexiest Jobs According To Tinder

Tinder just released its updated list of the most "right-swiped" jobs of 2018, and radio host is NOT in the top ten anymore. Two years ago, it was the fifth most attractive job men could have. Now it's not even in the top 15. And the new sexiest job for guys is INTERIOR DESIGNER. The most right-...
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Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj Tells Ellen Her Love Life Is Busy...Like Really Busy

Appearing on Tuesday’s season premiere of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” Nicki Minaj spoke about her bedroom habits, which can include “exercising” three times a night. Minaj, who recently wrapped a memorable outing at Sunday’s Made in America festival and accidentally flashed the crowd, also said she...
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Clear Plastic Heels Beloved by Kardashians Put Feet "at Serious Risk"

The clear plastic heels favored by the Kardashian and Jenner clans may look fashionable--but, in reality, they're terrible for your tootsies. “You are putting your feet at serious risk by essentially wrapping them in non-breathable plastic,” podiatrist Dr. Suzanne Levine told Page Six . “Without...
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7 Most Dangerous Words Used by Women in Relationships

Women normally like to talk a lot, but when they become secretly too quiet and giving you one word anwsers there could be trouble. According to Rolling Out here are the words women use that are hurting their relationships. 1. Fine. This is the word most often used by women in the midst of an...
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STUDY: The Smartest People Are the Heaviest Drinkers

A recent study has concluded that the world's smartest people are also the heaviest drinkers, meaning you might not have to feel quite as bad about all the dumb stuff you did when you were out last night. The study , which was carried out at the London School of Economics and followed the lives of...
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Your Bra Could Be Giving You Headaches

If you missed this yesterday, a study found that wearing a TIE cuts the blood flow to your brain by 8%. And if you were thinking, "Well I'm a lady and I don't wear ties, so I'm all good" . . . did you really think our patriarchal society would let THAT happen? Because today, there's another study...
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America's Body Confidence

According to a new survey, people in Maine are the most confident in how their bodies look. People in Michigan are the least confident. When comparing our two states, MEN have more confidence in their bodies in Missouri, and WOMEN have more confidence in Illinois. Click Here to see more.
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