How to Manage Anxiety Over Returning to Work Amid COVID-19

As more and more businesses begin to reopen, many employees are having to deal with the anxiety of returning to the workforce while the pandemic continues to spread around the country. Experts weigh in with advice to manage fears.
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Woman Tries to Get Out of Work With Clearly Photoshopped Image of Nail in Tire

A woman in Oklahoma really did not want to go to work last week. The unknown woman contacted her boss saying she had a flat tire and couldn't come into work. She even sent her employer a picture of the supposed tire. Unfortunately, nobody believed it was real. And why would they? The image is...
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boss meme

30 memes about our relationships with bosses at work

From laughing at your boss’s bad jokes to calling in “sick,” we all have ways we cope with our supervisors’ idiosyncrasies. Bored Panda hit the nail on the head with 30 funny memes about our work relationships with our bosses. Click here to see them all. © 2019 KNOU (Entercom). All rights reserved.
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Five Signs You Have a Bad Boss

If you don't like your boss, you're not alone. A recent study by the jobs site Monster found almost 1 in 3 people worldwide don't like their boss. So we could be talking about more than a BILLION people. Here are five signs you might have a horrible boss . . . 1. They expect you to be just like...
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Christmas Office Holiday Parties

The Responsible Adult's Guide to Drinking During the Holidays

We're now in the heart of holiday season, which means plenty of opportunities to hoist several cups of cheer with your friends and co-workers. To this end, Deadspin has published "the responsible adult's guide to boozing around the holidays," which is summarized below: Make some egg nog. Why not...
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4 Tips for Getting Along With Co-Workers You Don’t Like

Butting heads with a co-worker can make even the best job difficult. With that in mind, CNN, has compiled a list of things you can do to make an work rivalry more manageable. Here they are: Meet on neutral territory. Identify the root of the issue you have with a co-worker and ask him or her out to...
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Sunglasses in the Office

13 Things You Should Never Wear to Work in the Summer

It's finally time to break out your summer garb. But ... probably not in the office. "People may think anything goes in the warmer months, especially if their company is casual or relaxes their summer dress code," Brandi Britton, district president of staffing firm OfficeTeam, told Business Insider...
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